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Welcome to Ping Pong Pro, the best online resource for ping pong tips, tricks, tutorials, reviews, and more. Ping pong is a demanding sport, and requires practice and patience in order to excel. The high level of hand-eye coordination and lightning quick reflexes needed can only develop over time. Whether you’re in it to compete with high level players at a tournament level or you just play it as a recreational pastime, we’ve got all the ping pong tips you’ll need. So even if you don’t play like a pro yet, you can definitely sound like one when talking with others. Eventually though, talking about ping pong and playing ping pong will synergize until you’re a bonafide pro at both.

So grab a drink, take a seat, lean back, and give our site a good browsing. Chances are you’ll learn something new. Thanks for stopping by Ping Pong Pro, we’ll catch you on the flip side… of the ping pong table!

Tips & Tricks

Ping Pong Pro - Ping Pong Tips - Table Tennis TipsWe’re not claiming that reading a bunch of ping pong tips and tricks will make you an instant professional. BUT, they are good ways of changing how you think in order to improve in a relatively short amount of time. That is, compared to improving naturally which could take a long time to climb the ranks. Being aware of how you move and play helps you to grow even faster. Since these ping pong tips stay in the back of your mind, you’ll employ them intuitively while you play. Most of our ping pong tips and tricks will deal with concepts such as grips, techniques, mentality, movement, strategy, when to use certain shots, and ways of playing more efficiently. What are you waiting for? Let’s start.


Before we dig into the actual game, you might want to refresh yourself on the basics of ping pong. We’ll discuss topics such as the history of tennis, the rules of tennis, and things along those lines in this section. And even if you think you know everything, don’t be too sure. There are tons of fascinating facts about ping pong that you might not know about. Many people tend to skip the details about the sport, but that’s exactly what we’ll be covering here. Happy learning!

How-to Tutorials

You’ll learn how to actually play the game here! We’re guessing you’re relatively new to the sport and want to learn the correct way of playing. Or, you could be a more advanced player that wants to reminisce on the learning process you once had to go through. Well in this section, we go over the different strokes, ways of holding your paddle, footwork, and more. Think of us as your own personal online ping pong coach. The best part though is that it’s all free! We honestly don’t know how you can beat that. If you’re more interested in improving what you already know,  this is not the place for you. Visit our section on ping pong tips and tricks instead.

Table Tennis Equipment

Ping Pong Paddle - Ping Pong Pro - Ping Pong TipsIn this section we’ll be taking a look at the table tennis equipment and talking about them in more detail. Just the little things about the equipment needed to play, like the size of the ping pong table, the construction of your paddles, a deeper look at the ping pong balls, and things of that nature. We don’t know how the idiom goes, but something along the lines of “a skillful craftsman understands his tools well”. (Something cheesy like that). Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover here.

Product Reviews

Sometimes all the ping pong tip and tricks in the world won’t help you in improving. Maybe it might be something as simple as looking at the equipment you’re using. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest ping pong products on the market, you might want to check out our product reviews to hear our side of things. We’ll do our best to go over everything in as much depth as we can, so stop by to hear what we have to say. We’ll be reviewing everything from ping pong tables, paddles, shoes, balls, apparel, and more. Come on over!