About Ping Pong Pro

Ping Pong Pro is run by a couple of cool cats that wanted to share their knowledge of the sport with the world. Like, literally, a couple of cats. “Do cats even enjoy ping pong?” “Do they even have the attention span to dedicate their time to the sport?” Well of course! Have you ever seen us chase a laser pointer? That’s the kind of concentration we utilized in order to learn. Anyway, we got introduced to ping pong like most other cats, by spectating tournament games. Of course, we loved it at the very start because of how intense it was and how much quick reflexes were involved. We already had the lightning quick reflexes and also an extremely powerful forehand drive. Some say we were born to be naturals. Spectacting cats - About Ping Pong Pro So we decided to dive right in without learning about the game at all. At first, we started off like this. Ping pong cat - About Ping Pong Pro To be honest, we didn’t have a clue what we were doing. For instance, we were using our filthy paws as paddles! So it was at this point that we decided to consult table tennis books and websites. We quickly realized that we were doing it all wrong. As a result, we invested in a quality table, top-rated paddles, 5 star ping pong balls (we have an inside connection with some dealers), and poured ourselves into learning all the different strokes and techniques. Professional ping pong cats  - About Ping Pong Pro I guess you could say it all payed off. We persevered through all the steep learning curves and the plateaus. We played every day, and it was all worth it. Nowadays, we don’t even give a single thought to that impossible laser pointer.

*(Just kidding guys, this site is run by a real person. My name is Perry.)

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