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How to Hold a Ping Pong Paddle

Many people who start off playing ping pong often hold their paddles like they would a tennis racquet. Although this isn’t wrong–you can play however you want to–it’s not ideal. That’s because ping pong is a sport that requires a little more precision in the way you grip your paddle.

Official Ping Pong Rules

Ping Pong Rules

Ping pong is by no means a simple game. If you’re looking to play by the official ping pong rules (known as the Laws of Table Tennis) set by the ITTF, you’ll have a fair amount of reading to do as there’s a long list. But we’re going to get

Ping Pong Game in 1902 - Who Invented Ping Pong - History of Ping Pong

Who Invented Ping Pong?

Ping pong has had an extensive history as both a parlor game and a sport that not many people know about. Now it might not matter for the tons of people that enjoy it for fun, but for others, it does. Specifically, guys and gals like you, who appreciate the