How Big is a Ping Pong Table?

You know what, we don’t have any right to ask why you’re wondering how big is a ping pong table. Truly, that’s your private matter and we fully respect that. In fact, anyone should be able to ask how big is a ping pong table and should not be interrogated as to why they want to know. That’s the kind of world we want to live in. So with the power vested in us by the great Ping Pong God, we’re going to make it a reality. In order to fully reinforce our position, we’re going to find out how big is a ping pong table today!

How Big is a Ping Pong Table?

Ping Pong Table Size - How Big is a Ping Pong Table?The official ping pong table size measures in at:
  • A length of 9 feet or 2.7 meters
  • A width of 5 feet or 1.5 meters
  • A height of 2.5 feet or 76 cm
  • A net length of 6 feet or 1.82 meters
  • A net height of 6 inches or 15.2 cm
That gives it a total area of 45 feet and a high point of 3 feet with the net attached. On the other hand, recreational tables don’t have to meet ITTF official specifications. These kinds of tables are good choices if you are just looking to play for fun and don’t intend to play at a tournament level. They are often smaller than official size and can be called midsize or mini tables. Some can be 84 inches by 42 inches or smaller. With this in mind, be sure to find out the specific dimensions of the table you have your eyes on to see if it will fit your needs.

How Much Space Do I Need For a Ping Pong Table?

Now, we’re still not going to question you on why you need to know how big is a ping pong table. But, we are going to mention something about playing space. Playing space is very important if you want to have a good game. Otherwise, you might just get frustrated by the limited space that you have. And since you love your rights so much, we know that could be a problem. Often the ping pong table size is not the problem, it’s having enough room around it that can be a nuisance. Without adequate room, you are likely to punch or run into a wall. Here’s our general recommendations on how much space you should have. Please remember however that we are not telling you what to do. We are simply telling you what to think.
Family fun Doubles family fun
  • 20ft x 11ft
  • 6m x 3.35m
  • 26ft x 13ft
  • 8m x 4m
Recreational play / Coaching Local league / national league
  • 28ft x 13ft
  • 8.5m x 4m
  • 30/33ft x 16ft 6in
  • 9m x 5m
National tournaments Intern. Events, World Champs, Olympics
  • 40ft x 20ft
  • 12m x 6m
  • 46ft x 23ft
  • 14m x 7m
Ping Pong Table Space - How Big is a Ping Pong Table?
Obviously a huge difference right?

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